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"This is the best training I have ever attended in my 30 years as a lawyer" - Senior Partner of National Firm.

This unprompted comment from one of our most demanding clients says it all. The investment you make in getting a group of highly paid professionals together in a room for an extended period is substantial, both in time and money. You will also have invested your own personal goodwill in getting senior people to attend, so we know how important it is to achieve this kind of reaction.

We know how to engage highly intelligent and demanding professionals.

In training we often address all 3 sales "levers" but most of the attention typically centres on ABILITY - helping individuals and teams get better at sales and business development activities and helping them improve their conversion rates.

We have run hundreds of workshops over the past 11 years for thousands of delegates, covering a wide range of sales topics, but here are a few examples of the most commons themes:

  • Sales Leadership - how to hit your sales targets as a group
  • Consultative selling - core influencing skills for individuals and teams
  • Insight Selling - drive demand with your ideas and insights
  • Negotiation skills and value pricing - how to win profitably
  • Developing proposals and winning bids - improve your win ratio
  • Relationship building - becoming the Trusted Adviser
  • Strategic Account Management - managing and expanding major accounts

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